SMALL CRAFT SIGN 2x8 Just Breathe
SMALL CRAFT SIGN 2x8 Just Breathe
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SMALL CRAFT SIGN 2x8 Just Breathe

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Just Breathe

S I Z E: 2 inches tall, 8 inches wide
M A T E R I A L S: Aluminum, NO holes, 1/2" rounded corners
Image is on the front only. Backside is plain brushed aluminum.
P R O C E S S: Printed by Sublimation

U S E S:
Great for many craft or home decor projects:
Deco Mesh Wreath Sign
Craft Accents
Door Accents
Magnet Signs
Floral Arrangements
Gift Basket Sign
Home Decor Gift

Since we make each sign one at a time, no 2 are ever exactly the same. The sign you receive may vary slightly from our listing mock-up photos. Colors can vary from what you see on your screen to the final product you hold in your hand.

These signs have a high gloss UV protective coating, and are safe to use indoors or outdoors. If possible keep out of direct sunlight and protected from extreme heat, rain, snow etc.

[The transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase, without passing through the intermediate liquid phase.]
What that means... We use special dye inks and printer to print the digital image, then use heat and pressure (heat press) to put the image on our pre-coated blanks. This is where the magic happens. The image is transferred (via sublimation) from the paper to the product, with this permanent process.

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